Why Ozone?

Because it works....

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    Sterilize Rooms

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    Kill Viruses

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    Remove Odors

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    Kill Pests

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    Neutralize Allergens

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    Kill Bacteria

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    Kill Mold

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    Kill Fungi

Ozone Treatment vs Chemical Sprays


ozone treatment comparison

Ozone reaches all surfaces, penetrating microscopic cracks and crevices. Spraying and manual wipe down can never produce even distribution.


No chemical sprays

Ozone is produced on site, out of thin air. No reliance on chemical supplies, no toxic chemicals left behind.



Ozone is a more powerful oxidizer than chlorine, chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide. It is a fully automated, computer controlled application process.



Ozone is a naturally-occuring gas, and is completely dissipated at the end of the process, making it safe for immediate entry.


stinky smells

Other disinfection methods leave behind chemical smells. Ozone attacks odors in the air and on surfaces, leaving only freshness behind.



Viruses and bacteria can become resistant to bleach and other chemicals. There is no chance of building up resistance to the oxidizing effect of ozone gas.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a naturally-occurring molecule that consists of three Oxygen atoms (O3). In our atmosphere, it is produced by the interaction between solar UV radiation and regular Oxygen molecules (O2). It exists mostly at high altitudes and helps shield us from UV radiation.


Ozone is less common at ground level, and is unstable and tends to dissipate rapidly. Because of this, it cannot be stored and transported, it can only be produced onsite.

Ozone Molecule

How Does it Work?

Ozone works through oxidation. Low-level consumer ozone generators have been popular for quite some time and are useful for reducing annoying odors and freshening rooms. 


In larger concentrations, ozone is highly reactive and very effective at killing viruses, bacteria, pests, insects, molds, and more. In fact, it is a more powerful oxidizer than bleach or peroxide.


Industrial-level ozone generators such as the ExOzone machines we use can provide enough oxidizing power to disinfect entire houses or buildings, and even sanitize surgery rooms to a pharmaceutical-grade level.

Ozone killing virus

What Can Industrial Ozone Do?

  • Kills bacteria and viruses on food and surfaces

  • Kills insects and other pests

  • Eliminate fungi, yeasts, and molds

  • Defend against E-Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, & others

  • Neutralize odors on objects and in the air

  • Provide a chemical-free organic sterilization solution

  • No down time after application

  • 100% disinfection from floor to ceilings

bus machine

Ozone Disinfection works!

These are just some of the sectors using ExOzone sterilization

  • Homes

  • Business

  • Industrial

  • Public

  • Medical

  • Schools

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