Ozone Machines.
Nothing Comes Close.

Our disinfection system is top of the line.  It’s cleaner, greener, more
effective, and no other technology can 
hope to compete with it.

our Technology Is Top Of The Line

Our industrial-grade ozone generators utilize the oxidation effect of ozone to eliminate the possibility of any infection from microorganisms, pathogens, bacteria, and viruses. From small areas to industrial-scale facilities, harmful organisms have no place to hide.

the ozone air purifier is a better clean than any fumigator or fogger

Get A More Powerful Clean

Our ozone air purifier disinfects more deeply and completely than anything else on the market.
An ozone cleaning machine saves you time and money

Save Time And Money

Ozone machines disinfect faster than any traditional sanitizing machine
the ozone air cleaner is better for the environment

Better For The Environment

Commercial ozone generators are 100% organic - they use the natural world to purify and clean.

Get A More Powerful Clean

100 Times Stronger Than You Think

You can’t get this on Amazon.  You’re looking at a sanitizing machine that can pump out over 600,000 milli-grams of ozone per hour.  That’s 100 times more than consumer model ozone generators.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Cleaning

Our ozone machine is more effective than any other disinfection option on the market today.  Not even the highest-end alternative can remotely compete with the effectiveness of an Ozone treatment from Ozone Clean.

This is the difference an ozone air purifier makes!

This service is pretty cool. Our house was sterilized with odors gone to boot. Also, it’s nice to know that the service also kills scorpions as we have a lot around that seem to get in too often.

Aaron Ross
Grey Falcon Properties

Save Time And Money

Forget Those Old Slow Methods

Traditional disinfection services take days to work.  Your business doesn’t have that kind of time.  Our ozone machine can treat whole factory floors in a matter of hours.

Less Expensive Than Fogging

From the amount of time it takes to use, to the chemicals that go in the machine – fogging costs more and more every year.  Our ozone air cleaner doesn’t need any of that.  Just plug it in and let it work.  Easy.

During these times we wanted to keep our employees and customers safe, but didn’t want to add chemicals to our restaurant. It was great to find an organic solution for our disinfection needs.

Mark Avalos

Better For The Environment

Ozone Machines Are Chemical Free

Our commercial ozone generator doesn’t use chemicals.  It converts oxygen in the ambient air to O3 and uses that to clean the environment.  Healthier for everyone.

Doesn’t Harm The Environment

Traditional disinfection machines use harsh chemicals, which leaves a residue.  That’s bad for the environment and bad for you.  But the O3 produced by our ozone air cleaner turns back into oxygen..  No muss no fuss.

This is the ozone machine doing an incredible job cleaning a home

As a small business owner, I know the importance of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene … I can say that without a doubt, this service is worth the price-and moving forward–is a service that we will employ on a regular basis. Our customers have commented on how clean the laundromat smells, and I am reassured that after every treatment, we are literally starting with a “clean slate.”

Michael Lefkowitz
Woodrow Washeteria