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Protect Patients and Caregivers

Industrial ozone is the most powerful oxidizer used for disinfection, and has been used in the medical field for many years. Our process lets us provide an even higher level of service to medical customers, with the ability to sterilize rooms to pharma-grade levels. Best of all, it is 100% organic and earth-friendly making it the ideal solution for protecting patients and caregivers without exposure to chemicals or risk of pathogens developing a resistance.

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    One-Time Disinfection

    Ready to re-open to the public? A one-time service is ideal to ensure employees and patients will be safe.

  • Operating room sterilization

    Recurring Service

    Setup a recurring service to disinfect on a regular schedule, whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly, or whatever works for you!

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    Emergency Disinfection

    Had a patient or employee that tested positive for a virus? We can sterilize a room or facility to a higher-level, helping ensure it is safe for everyone to return.

Get a custom plan & quote

Let our experts help come up with a custom disinfection plan for your application, with a quote for one-time service, recurring service, or emergency disinfection.

Medical Facility Ozone Treatment

Disinfect Surfaces and the Air!

Industrial ozone is very effective at killing pathogens. Not only is Ozone a more powerful oxidizer than bleach or peroxide, it is also carried through the air, disinfecting everything it touches... including the air.


Rooms with lots of high-touch surfaces such as restrooms, waiting areas, and service counters can be difficult to thoroughly disinfect. Pathogens can't hide from ozone treatment, and they can't develop a resistance like they can with chemical treatments, making ozone a better long-term solution.

hospital waiting room
medical treatment room sanitizing

Safe For Patients and Caregivers

Traditional disinfection treatments rely on chemical sprays. While they can be effective, there is some concern regarding their long-term use. Ozone disinfection is a 100% organic and earth-friendly solution.


Ozone treatment is a completely dry process, meaning no wet chemical sprays, and no chemical residues. It had been approved by the FDA, EPA, and USDA for use in agriculture and food prep, and is a USDA Organic process. And your room or facility will be safe to enter immediately after the process has been completed.

More Effective Than Chemical Sprays

It is widely accepted that bleach and peroxide-based sprays are effective at killing pathogens, because we have been taught this from an early age. But did you know that Ozone is actually the most powerful oxidizer available for disinfection?


Until now, it was difficult to produce Ozone in enough quantity to be effective. Using Ex-Ozone Technology, it is now possible to create Ozone at concentrations capable of sterilizing a surgery room to pharma-grade levels (yes, we can do that!).

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    Sterilize Rooms

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    Kill Viruses

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    Remove Odors

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    Kill Pests

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    Neutralize Allergens

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    Kill Bacteria

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    Kill Mold

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    Kill Fungi

What Can Industrial Ozone Do?

  • Kills bacteria and viruses on food and surfaces

  • Kills insects and other pests

  • Eliminate fungi, yeasts, and molds

  • Defend against E-Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, & others

  • Neutralize odors on objects and in the air

  • Provide a chemical-free organic sterilization solution

  • No down time after application

  • 100% disinfection from floor to ceilings

disinfected hospital treatment room
  • 100% Organic

    Ozone is a naturally occurring gas

  • Effective

    Strongest oxidant, NO resistance

  • Chemical-Free

    No harsh chemicals or toxic residues

  • Approved

    by FDA, EPA, GRAS, USDA, & more

  • Safe

    No leaks, no spills, no injuries, no HAZMAT

  • 100% Coverage

    No missed areas or untreated surfaces

Get a custom plan & quote

Let our experts help come up with a custom disinfection plan for your application, with a quote for one-time service, recurring service, or emergency disinfection.