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We exclusively use ExOzone appliances

ExOzone® appliances utilize the oxidation effect of ozone to eliminate the possibility of any infection from microorganisms, pathogens, toxins, pests or insects. From small areas to industrial-scale facilities, harmful organisms have no place to hide.


The patented ExOzone® technology operates on the principle of limited flashover, high-frequency Cold Charge Emission with Changed Auxiliary Electrode - EXCOCEM©. This procedure is capable of producing concentrations of ozone gas in excess of 250+ppm using ambient air. No use of chemicals, no consumables.


At 25ppm, ozone gas is a disinfectant. At 50ppm, it sterilizes surfaces to pharmaceutical grade.


All appliances are equipped with high-capacity fans distributing ozone at 350-5800 CFM flow rate.


No other commercially available ozone generator can produce more than 10,000-20,000 milligrams of ozone per hour (10-20g/hr). Such generators are simply unable to elevate ozone levels anywhere near the required ppm range even in a small or average sized room (<1-5ppm).


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hotel disinfection


Ozone disinfection technology is the world’s safest industrial/commercial sterilization/sanitization method. No alternative high- or even mid-level disinfectant options can come remotely close to what ExOzone® technology offers when it comes to safety.


Ozone is used safely around the world to disinfect facilities, equipment, tools, produce and products worth billions of dollars. Securing human health is the number one reason to introduce ozone-based disinfection system. Sterilizing air and surfaces to pharmaceutical grade without the use of harmful chemicals, and without any harmful residues left behind is at the core of our technology.


Treatment is only performed in unoccupied spaces. Secure, gas-tight sealing solutions are readily available. Color smoke candles can be used to reveal possible leaks. Gas tight zipper door solutions can be deployed. Sections can be treated/protected with various zip walls.

Ozone Disinfection works!

These are just some of the sectors using ExOzone sterilization

  • Homes

  • Business

  • Industrial

  • Public

  • Medical

  • Schools

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