Disinfection & Sterilization

These are unprecedented times

Let's face it... businesses, homeowners, and facility managers are facing new challenges that many couldn't have imagined mere months ago.


Concerns about the spread of pathogens are at an all-time high, and many new procedures will be put in place as a result. For many, it won't be a matter of IF they have a disinfection plan, it will be WHICH METHOD do they choose.

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ozone can kill coronavirus

ExOzone® is a next-generation clean technology providing a chemical-free, pharmaceutical grade surface and air disinfection solution at industrial scale.


The mobile systems were originally designed to address food safety & quality concerns, providing a consumable-free and fully organic way for controlling pathogens, while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination in RTE processing environments.


While commercial roll-out in the public health sector was originally planned for 2022, the current COVID-19 Pandemic prompted a swift pivot. Support is now available for public services and those working on the frontlines during the crisis and aftermath.


ExOzone® technology enables us to generate an unlimited supply of pharmaceutical grade disinfectant onsite, without harsh chemical sprays & residues.

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Protect Your home or business!

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    Houses & Condos

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    Hotel Rooms

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    Home Make-Readies

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    Vacation Rentals

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    Fitness Centers

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    Office Spaces

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    Waiting Rooms

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    Retail Stores

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    Bars & Clubs

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    Food Prep Areas

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    Operating Rooms

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    Medical Facilities

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    Public Facilities

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    Public Transportation

Ozone Treatment vs Chemical Sprays


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Ozone reaches all surfaces, penetrating microscopic cracks and crevices. Spraying and manual wipe down can never produce even distribution.



Ozone is a more powerful oxidizer than chlorine, chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide. It is a fully automated, computer controlled application process.


No chemical sprays

Ozone is produced on site using ambient air. No reliance on chemical supplies, no toxic chemicals or wet residues.



Ozone is a naturally-occuring gas, and is completely dissipated at the end of the process, making it safe for immediate entry.


stinky smells

Other disinfection methods leave behind chemical smells. Ozone attacks odors in the air and on surfaces, leaving only freshness behind.



Viruses and bacteria can become resistant to bleach and other chemicals. There is no chance of building up resistance to the oxidizing effect of ozone gas.

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