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Disinfect With Ozone

Eliminate pathogens, toxins, pests, and odors

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Disinfection and odor removal for homes and businesses

Using industrial ozone generators, we provide a better disinfection alternative to traditional chemical sprays that is not only more effective, but also 100% organic and safe for people and the environment


  • exozone

    -One-Time Disinfection-
    -Weekly / Monthly Services-
    -Odor-Removal Services-
    -Homes & Businesses-
    -Medical Facility Sterilization-

Why Ozone?

  • Ozone Molecule

    -More Effective Than Chemicals-
    -100% Organic & Safe-
    -No Wet Residue-
    -Removes Odors-
    -Also Disinfects The Air-


  • covid

    -Eliminate Pathogens-
    -Disinfect Surfaces + Air-
    -Emergency Disinfection Service-
    -Safe For Employees & Customers-
    -Medical-Grade Sterilization-

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USDA Approved
EPA Approved
FDA GRAS Approved
USDA Certified Organic
FDA FSMA Approved
  • 100% Organic

    Ozone is a naturally occurring gas

  • Effective

    Strongest oxidant, NO resistance

  • Chemical-Free

    No harsh chemicals or toxic residues

  • Approved

    by FDA, EPA, GRAS, USDA, & more

  • Safe

    No leaks, no spills, no injuries, no HAZMAT

  • 100% Coverage

    No missed areas or untreated surfaces

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