Destroy Every Pathogen.
Save The Planet.

Ozone Clean's sanitization services eliminate 100%
of pathogenic bacteria and viruses without the use of
harmful chemicals.

Ozone Generators Are Greener And More Effective. Period.

A traditional disinfection service may be able to attack some of the bacteria and particles in your workspace, but an industrial O3 generator will do a more thorough job using fewer chemicals (none, in fact). 

Our ozone disinfector is specifically designed to kill every damaging particle on surfaces and in the air without the need to move your office, fumigate, or spend days being unproductive.

And the best part? Ozone Clean’s commercial sanitizing practices are greener and cleaner than any disinfection company out there.

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Here's How It Works

commercial disinfecting starts by bringing the machine to you

Our technicians setup ozone generators in your business

we turn on the machine to begin the sanitization cleaning process

You relax somewhere else for a few hours

this is how you feel after cleaning_and_sanitization is completed!

You come back to a sterile and pathogen-free environment

More Effective Than Chemicals

Every other sanitization company on the market today uses a traditional, chemical-based disinfecting and fogging machine to clean your facility.

But not only are those methods far less eco-friendly than an industrial O3 generator… they’re also less effective.

O3 attaches to every pathogen in every corner of the room.  

This is a display of the disinfecting fogging machine
This is the result of sanitization cleaning in your space.

Medical Grade Sterilization

Our ozone generator is different from normal disinfectant machines.  We attack pathogens at the molecular level, destroying the cell membrane and leaving them defenseless.  Traditional commercial sanitizing just can’t deliver similar results. 

Which is why Ozone Clean can provide a pharmaceutical level of sterilization.

Better For The Environment

Disinfection and sanitation can be a dirty business.  There’s just so much waste that goes into traditional disinfecting and fogging –  it can’t be easy on the environment.  

But at Ozone Clean, we use a proprietary O3 generator that’s organic, easy on the environment, and cleans better than any chemical-based fogging machine.

USDA Approved
EPA Approved
FDA GRAS Approved
FDA FSMA Approved
USDA Certified Organic

See What Our Customers Think

“We wanted to have our offices disinfected but didn’t want to have chemicals sprayed everywhere. Then we found Ozone Clean.  It’s nice knowing we can be protected without having to breathe chemicals.”

Lloyd Lee

Lloyd Lee
Native Solar

“Ozone Clean is sanitizing the art center and theatre to help keep our precious community healthy! AND … the theatre, which was once the City Council Chambers, will no longer smell like hundreds of city council meetings!”

Sinead Whitehead

Sinead Whiteside
Inspired Minds Art Center

“I really didn’t want to have the place chemically disinfected… then I heard about ozone treatments so I scheduled an appointment with Ozone Clean USA … and I’m very happy with the results!  We are excited to have found this great company!”

Michael Meuth

Michael Meuth
Headway Health

Ready For Something Better?

Commercial disinfecting using traditional methods is out of date.  It’s worse for the environment and, simply, it can’t do the job anywhere near as effectively as an ozone generator.

And in times like these, with COVID running rampant across the world, getting in every little area has never been more important.

So if you’re looking for sanitization services for your home or office that provide real, powerful, and effective disinfection, you need to go with Ozone Clean.

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